Income Opportunities 

From Private Equity Groups to retired professionals, we offer quality turnkey income opportunities to create consistent revenue with less than 5% risk attached while yielding competitive return rates.

Residential Loans

Mortgage Brokers will have the opportunity to partner with Gold Key in thr Fall of 2018 to offer NO CREDIT CHECK home financing!

Commercial Loans

If you need money for your business, Real Estate Development, and more, our Commerical loans are offered with low deposits and competitive rates.


Practical lending and so much more.

Gold Key Capital offers extraordinary services to businesses and funding providers designed to be a complete solution for financing.  Best of all, the benefits are significant.  From Entrepreneurs to growing businesses, we can help you and/or your clients succeed at obtaining a loan.  Deposits and payments can fit into most budgets.  Our methods are simple and if followed properly, you will be on your way to funding in a very short time.


​Of businesses qualify 


Average Interest Rates


Calendar days to close

Our Main Focus

  1. Loan Assessment
    24 Hours
    In order to receive the most competitive rates and ensure a smooth transition through the underwriting process, we assess every loan through virtual or onsite review. It is vital that we understand each and every aspect of your business in order to successfully advise all owners and principles of the best solutions for their funding needs. Depending on your industry and the operation of your business, we will determine if the assessment should be on site on virtual. All fees for this service will be reimbursed during funding.
  2. Income Production
    In 90 days
    Gold Key Capital has created a phenomenal income producing program that involves a necessity for each and every citizen within the population: HOUSING. Forget rental property, fix-n-flips, etc. This program will connect your ability to participate in funding our home ownership program for millions who cannot secure mortgages. We provide all who wish to participate the financing to do so! The program begins generating revenue within 90 days. Once we have qualified applicants ready, you acquire funding in a few weeks and begin reaping the benefits QUICKLY! Find out more.
  3. Commercial Loans
    $800mm +
    Real Estate Development, Restaurant, Day Care Center, Landscaping, Automotive... we finance over 50 industries including oil & gas, mining, and other “hard to fund” entities. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting a business or if you own a company that has been around for over fifty years, Gold Key Capital can get you financed with or without a Credit Check. Loans begin at $1,000,000 and beyond. To receive additional information, click here.

New Loan Programs Available NOW!

More Info

**Special notice:  Gold Key Capital LLC of Nevada is NOT associated nor affiliated with Gold Key Capital of Louisiana.  We do not charge application fees nor purchase client projects/property to lease or buy back.  If you need assistance, please call us at the numbers listed on this site for details.

Commercial Loans

Create Income with Gold Key Capital

Now Available 

This program is sure to help pay off debt, create significant retirement funds, help pay for college, travel, eliminate medical bills, etc. with revenue beginning in 90 days!  From $4,450 - $48,000/month.

​Pain-Free Home Purchasing

Fall 2018

Imagine having the ability to purchase a home for you and your family WITHOUT the hassles of traditional banking.  This one webinar can change your life.

21-45 Days Closing

10% 20% and even 30% down payments are required when closing the average small business loan.  Not so with Gold Key.  You only pay for what you need:  Risk Assessment and deposit (1-10% in escrow) then you’re ready to close!

What Can Gold Key do for You?

  1. Start Retirement in WEEKS!
    Start Retirement in WEEKS!
  2. Start or Grow a Business!
    Start or Grow a Business!
  3. 1
    Buy a Home!
  4. 3
    Go to College WITHOUT Student Loans!
  5. Increase Your Income and Get our of Debt!
    Increase Your Income and Get our of Debt!
  6. 5
    Take Time Off From Work and Travel!
  7. 6
    Save Money for Your Children’s Future!