Making a Fresh Start
By becoming an affiliate or office partner with Gold Key Capital, you will begin the year with exclusive services while working your way to financial freedom!
Gold Key Capital Marketing  Status Options:

Commission for Affilates

Broker Director

Real Estate Sales

Connect with industry and finance professionals by introducing our lending options.  You have a very unique set of financial products available to nearly 45 million citizens.  We also offer international commercial loans.
Significantly increase your revenue by creating a team who will market all financing products while gaining authorization to upsell service rates for additional commission.  All deals provide 2% Broker Rates and can be sold for a higher service rate.
Receive preferential status by selling property to our clients and operate as a buyer’s agent for those who need a Realtor.  With our exclusive financing program, you can easily double or triple your income in 2018.
Professionals Who Should Join:
Additional Revenue 
  1. Retirement Planners / Consultants
    Retirement Planners / Consultants
    Refer retirees to Gold Key Capital to receive additional funds for investing WITH repayment terms included with monthly revenue payout. Best of all, it can be done in 90 days.
  2. Realtors
    Along with our extra point in commission for referrals, but the tremendous opportunity to sell property through Gold Key can produce staggering numbers.
  3. Mortgage Brokers
    Mortgage Brokers
    Reconnect with past clients who were unable to qualify for a mortgage and advertise throughput your network to attract new clients.
  4. You
    Your homepage should be the first page that visitors to your site see, so make sure you give a concise overview of who you are, what you do and why you are right for them.
All Financial & Sales Partners have the opportunity to set competitive rates within each loan package submitted.  Our structure allows YOU to control your income produced.  With our ability to offer financing when others cannot, propels your relationships to a greater level.  We WILL limit the number of independent marketing professionals due to our onsite retail locations opening nationwide.  Join our team and exceed your income expectations.  You control your destiny with GOLD KEY CAPITAL!
Standout From the Crowd
Offer commercial and person funding services exclusive to Gold Key.
As a financial services professional, it is vital to offer alternative funding sources to those who experience challenges when seeking traditional lending.  Gold Key Capital experts have the ability to create unique plans to assist your clients in obtaining their goals.  Best of all, with our generous commission plans, you can achieve greater payouts while working in national and international markets.
Create a team locally or globally- the choice is yours.  Connect with Gold Key and watch your income skyrocket!