Lending Features

Industries Served

Gold Key Capital has the opportunity to serves multiple industries... even those classified as “high risk”.  We target real estate, industrial, education, healthcare, communications, technology, legal, child care, dependent care, government contract fuilfillment entities, biotech, cannibis, production, non-profit, entertainment, financial services, culinary, restaurant, media (print and film), retail, beauty and spa, franchise groups, automotive, oil & gas, mining/tailing, landscaping, staffing, and farming.  If your industry is unlisted, speak with your Gold Key Expert or give us a call.  We can create a loan package and submit for approval.  KEEP IN MIND:  we do NOT shop your deals to lenders, we ARE the Check writers.  With this in mind, we perform the initial phase of preparation and underwriting based industry criteria.  Our goal is to produce approvals with comfortable payments.

Monthly Payments Determination 

Gold Key Capital has an exclusive financing program for projects and business funding over $5,000,000.  Multiple Industries Accepted.  Personal credit score is not a major factor.  Interest ranges from 5-14.99% and down payments and fees range from 1-10% depending on the applicant’s (business) ability to repay the loan, provide Use of Funds, produce an executive summary for the business or new company, and adhere to preset timeline ps and procedures. Funding takes place in 30-45 days on average.
With this in mind, you may be offered payments WITH principal completely paid within the term months up to 360.  For those who are seeking a lower note, Interest Only loans are available with a balloon note at the end.  This option will require refinancing at the end of the term or a complete payoff.  A Profit-sharing option may be offered instead of a traditional loan repayment plan.  5-40% for 3-7 years depending on the strength of the application.

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What Gold Key Offers
Loan Packaging
Private Source
We offer exclusive benefits to businesses with competitive rates.  Gold Key creates the best loan scenario for each client based on management strengths, repayment terms based on current/future revenue while closing in 30-45 days.  
Gold Key “packages” your loan, handles all preliminary requirements from transacting to closing quickly, PLUS provide the Risk Assessment to the facilitator in order to obtain the best rates as related to interest and premiums.
Gold Key Capital operates as a private lender on select projects.  We have increased our ability to service businesses who are classified as moderate to high risk and have difficulties receiving funds.