Gold Key Online Forms

Forms Needed for Loans and More

Gold Key Capital offers exclusive financing opportunities for commercial loans.  Residential loans will launch Fall of 2018.  We have multiple loan programs available; therefore, it is imperative that you apply using the correct document and selecting the corresponding option when completing the application(s).

You can also save the application in order to complete later.  An option to have a link to the form will appear which allows you to Key in your email to receive direct access to where you stopped.  NOTE:  it takes approximately 30 minutes to complete all necessary documents and you CANNOT proceed without red asterisk information supplied.
We currently offer loans starting at $1,000,000 - $500,000,000+.  Gold Key requires all information upfront in order to provide competitive rates and maneuver through underwriting efficiently.

All APPROVED loans require risk assessments that are classified as virtual or onsite.  This fee must be paid directly to the third party provider.  We will not continue to funding without it.  Cost varies depending on assessment type, industry, location, and other important factors.  NO ASSESSMENT = NO LOAN.  We are not a traditional bank and finalize loans in various methods.  

Commercial and Project Applications must be completed in order to proceed to processing and then underwriting.  Our Processing Department will contact you or your Marketing Representative via phone or email.  The entire process with funding can take up to 60 days.  The average is 21-45 days.